About us

Across many different markets & sectors of food supplies, we work every day to help the world thrive

Call us optimistic. We believe the world eats better when we eat together. Starting from a private company in Singapore, our passion has always been to bring producers and consumers of food closer to one another

The IFSS Group is a matrix organisation with sales of Food Ingredients, Food Service and Consumer Packaged Goods organised into Asia Pacific Region. 


What is the purpose of an organization last for more than 100 years? Following the decades of experience, IFSS has remained true to the vision of the founders: helping consumers eating healthy food, connecting markets and bringing consumers the products they’re seeking. Along the way, we’ve advanced how food and agriculture work, with breakthroughs that changed what was possible.

As we’ve pursued new opportunities, we have always done business responsibly and in a way that makes us proud. It’s what unites us and drives us to find ways to do things better each day, so we can sustainably nourish the world well into the future

Our values
Reliable and trustworthy
Long term relationships between customers, IFSS and colleagues
Commitment to IFSS’s values, strategies, policies and decisions
Help and support others
Display trust and empathy
Appraise and judge fairly
Protect internal and external environment 
Value differences in people
Be honest and fair
Build diverse teams across culture and gender
Follow laws and regulations
Treat others the way they expect to be treated
Take initiatives to create the future
Initiate and nurture change
Communicate openly, honestly and with integrity
Be proactive
Address difficulties constructively

To reach our vision, IFSS’s overall strategic direction has three main elements;

  • Organic growth; Develop new and existing markets
  • Four segments; Flavor & Food Ingredient, Food Solution, Supply and Service and Consumer packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Differentiated approach; Global view with a regional and local focus

To guide us in the right direction IFSS has a common set of values; Loyalty, Care, Respect and Boldness. Our corporate culture, The IFSS Leader Spirit, is strong and has been a major success factor in IFSS’s history. IFSS places a lot of resources, time and effort to nourish and develop the values and the corporate culture.  

To further help us to reach our goals, IFSS has a set of core processes implemented across the company, linked to among others, HR and recruitment, competence development, R&D and Innovation, technical expertise, operational development, Food Safety, follow up tools, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. 

Executive team
Responsible for the company’s strategic direction, talent development and financial performance, our Executive Team is dedicated to building a company that nourishes the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Although they represent a diverse collection of experience both inside and outside of IFSS, each of them has a strong track record of leading people to achieve results. Together, they are working to make IFSS Vietnam the most trusted partner in food, agriculture and nutrition.
Richard Hoang
Sales Director cum Acting Managing Director
Nguyen Kieu Mong Diep

Chief Accountant

Nguyen Thi Viet Ngan

Marketing Director

Acting Head of CPG Division