To reach our vision, IFSS’s overall strategic direction has three main elements;

  • Organic growth; Develop new and existing markets
  • Four segments; Flavor & Food Ingredient, Food Solution, Supply and Service and Consumer packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Differentiated approach; Global view with a regional and local focus

To guide us in the right direction IFSS has a common set of values; Loyalty, Care, Respect and Boldness. Our corporate culture, The IFSS Leader Spirit, is strong and has been a major success factor in IFSS’s history. IFSS places a lot of resources, time and effort to nourish and develop the values and the corporate culture.  

To further help us to reach our goals, IFSS has a set of core processes implemented across the company, linked to among others, HR and recruitment, competence development, R&D and Innovation, technical expertise, operational development, Food Safety, follow up tools, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. 

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