IFSS believes in the dignity of each employee and in taking employees’ interests seriously. We therefore: respect the UN Human Rights Declaration and ILO standard

  • Provide high health and safety standards in our working environments at all sites and facilities and take appropriate steps to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Encourage constructive discussions without jeopardizing the position of an individual
  • Engage in negotiations in good faith if conflicts arise
  • Facilitate communication with all employees to address areas of concern
  • Respect the right of personnel to form and join trade unions of their choice
  • Avoid discriminatory practices with regards to gender, age, race and religion
Other News
  • IFSS is a responsible and dependable company, and therefore meet public authorities and Non Governmental Organizations in an appropriate and open manner
  • IFSS does not make contributions to political candidates or political parties
Fair trade and free competition
  • IFSS believes in fair trade and free competition which will facilitate a just distribution of goods and services
  • IFSS aims for transparency and works actively against corruption and bribery