YOUR Culture - Friendly and supportive culture

Friendly and supportive culture

IFSS is diverse, but unified. 

With ecosystem of three segments developing and selling products in over Vietnam market, our individual differences give us a variety of valuable perspectives. IFSS employs individuals around Asian Countries , encouraging an open and inclusive working culture whereby everyone is encouraged to fulfil their potential.

In our regularly conducted organizational surveys, our employees consistently rank us high when it comes to employee engagement and pride in working for the company. This may also be part of why IFSS experiencing a long lasting trend of low turnover.

Unified by our common approach to business and sharing the same values of Loyalty, Respect, Care and Boldness we are all part of a dynamic, caring and supportive global community. This creates a positive workplace atmosphere, market reputation and give us invaluable levels of knowledge, understanding and ideas that are key to succeed in a demanding and dynamic global marketplace.