Consumer packaged Goods (CPG)

Our very own retail brand is synonymous to the renowned “Undoubtedly @Quali” experience. With products made from the freshest and finest ingredients, it is the perfect embodiment of all things premium, indulgent and bursting with natural goodness. Be it a coffee, oil, dessert, breakfast drink or cereal: IFSS has been producing a wealth of foods for internationally-renowned retailers for decades.

Brand Focus

Targeted at upwardly mobile professionals and family-oriented individuals who drive the push towards connoisseurship and food excitement without compromising today’s focus on health.

Delivering on the promise of producing @Quali premium food products.

Brand Value

To provide consumers a tangible route to health and well being through our products while also presenting an outlet for expression – love, sensuality, trust, discernment, and individuality – providing consumers with an aspired emotional proposition.

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