"Một dòng sông không có thác ghềnh, một con kênh không có bậc nước sẽ trở thành dòng sông và con kênh êm đềm.

Nhưng dòng thời gian mà thiếu đi những mốc son, dấu ấn thì sẽ trở thành vô vị."


"Chào tháng 11, tháng của những mùa nhớ và yêu thương. Tháng của những khát khao cuồng nhiệt hay những phút giây bình yên quá đỗi."

Thật may mắn khi chúng ta luôn có các thành viên sinh nhật tháng 11 trong Đại Gia đình IFSS

Cell-cultured dairy company maker TurtleTree closes $30M in Series A
Singapore’s TurtleTree successfully closed a $30 million Series A funding round led by Verso Capital. This investment is one of the largest rounds to date in Asia’s cell-based food sector and brings TurtleTree’s total investment figure to $40 million
Americans reveal how they feel about the meatless protein trend at fast food restaurants
A growing number of fast-food chains in the U.S. have begun offering meatless or plant-based options on their menu. Research from Piplsay delves into people’s acceptance of and excitement around this food trend.
Bumble Bee Seafoods celebrates National Seafood Month, debuts new product innovations
In the month meant for celebrating all things seafood, Bumble Bee Seafoods, the 120-year-old iconic household brand and category leader, is evolving the Bumble Bee Prime product line, formerly known as Prime Fillet. The updated Prime product line includes both canned tuna and salmon products, as well as a new on-the-go snack kit format. Bumble Bee Prime products are known for delivering the best-tasting, highest quality, and most elevated gourmet tuna experience on the market.
Cocoa-free chocolate company raises $6M for expansion
Germany’s QOA, a startup striving to create chocolate without the cocoa, closed a $6 million funding round led by Cherry Ventures with participation from 50years, World Fund, Nucleus Capital, Trellis Road, Pioneer Fund, and Tet Ventures.
How to make buche de noel
Healthy flavors, such as herbs and spices, honey and new-generation super fruits will be the next hits in the global beverages market, according to Innova Market Insights, the Netherlands. Although flavor trends can vary markedly by region, research data from Innova indicates that rising interest in super fruits is evident globally, with pom
Glazer’s shifts focus to Memphis, wine
Dallas-based Glazer’s Inc. signed a definitive agreement to acquire the majority control of Memphis, Tenn.-based Star Distributing Co., which distributes wine, spirits and specialty items in Memphis for national companies including Diageo North America