Product Performance

Product testing – both during development and their life cycle – is important to ensure their performance and ability to being safety, health and quality.

This testing is done in various ways by exposing cured and coated panels.

We assess the protective properties of the coatings both by natural and accelerated tests. 

Accelerated corrosion tests expose the panels to severely corrosive environments such as sea water to determine the ability to limit the corrosive damage. Natural as well as accelerated weathering tests are used to determine the film integrity and color and gloss stability during outdoor exposure.

The coatings are also exposed to a wide range of mechanical tests to assess the hardness, durability and resistance to impact, abrasion, scratches etc. 

For decorative products, we have a painting workshop where all products are tested for application properties throughout the entire development. We also collaborate with professional painters who provide us with valuable feedback, both in trials and blind tests. 

In addition to internal testing and certification, third party institutions carry out blind tests to obtain unbiased assessment of both our own and competitors’ coating systems.

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